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Art and Wine Festival

This is a re-design of the Mountain View Art and Wine Festival promotional package.

The goal is to breathe some more fun into the brand and make it feel lively, vibrant and more hip, thus building a stronger sense of community, and inspiring support for the local producers.

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This festival showcases artisan art, crafts, food and drink. It is a very vibrant, multicultural event held during the summer, and is considered a cool, summer-splashed, affordable way to spend a day with the whole family. The festival also features activities for kids, although they are not the primary feature of the festival.

Target Audience

This is a very broad target audience event, although the majority of customers will be couples between 25-45 with kids of all ages. This event will be specifically targeting local residents, since one of the goals is to build a stronger community. They will mostly be wine and food lovers who also enjoy artisan arts and crafts - the type they are able to purchase for their homes.


We are hoping to establish a fun, warm, summery and leisurely mood, and an artisan, hand-made look, however, keeping it modern and hip at the same time.

Word List

Artisan, fun, distinctive

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Logo Tiers

Initial poster drafts, 2nd tier posters, grayscale, duotone

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