anna istomina

Project Summary

Project: an immersive board game experience - board game projector concept with projection AR interface and a mobile app.

Problem: Complex board or RPG games require long set up and clean up time, are tedious to track, hard to pause in the middle, and require a lot of paper and plastic props.

Solution: a projector that creates a game map in minutes, add a delightful immersive experience to game play, and helps reduce tracking time and paper/plastic waste.

How it works: players set up the game using the projector mobile app. Game map is projected onto a surface, and all player mini-figures are scanned and their stats are tracked via fiduciary markers. Players use projected UI to interact with the game. Special effects, sounds and augmentations are added to the game. The game can be easily paused and resumed, as the stats are auto saved in the mobile app.

Game setup app animated demo

This is how a player will set up a game and scan a mini-figure.

Proof of concept trailer

Player tabletop user interface

Context-dependent screen with controls that the player needs “at hand” at any given step of the game.

All detailed information about the player character.

Information about other team players, and the current adversary team members.

Screen animation.

Projector design


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