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Tiny Einstein Preschool Site

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This is a real coded responsive website, made using HTML, CSS and JQuery. I worked in a collaboration with a photographer who took all the photos for the site, as per client’s request.

Latest iteration screens


Target audience: adults ages between 25-45, prospective parents of young children, looking for a preschool with Russian language immersion.

Word list: colorful, warm, friendly, clean and professional.

Mood Board

Initial Sketch

Prototype with existing logo

I chose this shade of purple because the client wanted the site to match the interior of their lobby. It would also differentiate them from the rest of the competition sites that mainly use primary color pallettes.

Logo Design Process

I then proceeded to work on the new logo, in a collaboration with a graphic designer available for the project. The client requested that the logo be the shape of sun and/or sunflower, and contain intricate patterns.

Final Deliverable

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